SHAPE OF YOUR CORSET GAP – What does it mean?

The shape of the gap in the back of your corset (when you’re laced to comfort at ribs, waist and hips) can tell you quite bit about the cut of the corset or about your own body. Here I go through several different “gaps” I’ve seen on myself and other people, and explain what it means and what brands of corsets would be better suited for that body.

Timeline (clickable links) and corsets featured:
1:05 – /……. Corsets-UK satin underbust
1:45 – /……. WKD Cabaret Laurie (small bust version)
2:15 – ()……. Heavenly Corsets Wasp-waist trainer in red satin coutil
4:25 – )(……. Leatherotics 1811 in black satin
5:35 – ……. Emerald brocade Timeless Trends underbust; Corsets-UK waspie; pink with white lace Axfords C242 underbust.
6:55 – ||…….. Sebastian underbust corset, made by myself.

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