Brown is Beautiful, when it Comes to Corsetry

Brown is Beautiful, when it Comes to Corsetry

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When traditional corsetry is mentioned most women think of wicked black, passionate red or maybe virginal white, but few consider wearing brown lingerie. Yet there are some beautifully crafted brown undergarments available which are every bit as beautiful as other colors. Brown is great with all skin tones, from pale to dark, and will compliment all hair shades too. It is particularly suited to punk styles.

Perfect-Storm-BrownWhat woman would not want to wear a delightful Victorian style corset that will give you a fabulous figure and tone with almost any color in your wardrobe. If your taste is for Steampunk, a brown bustier or corset top can be decorated with brass studs, and incorporate any kind of buckle or belt. For a touch of real glamor brown corsetry can feature leather and print panels, with designs ranging from stripes and spots to filigree and brocade. Lace and bows can be used as trimming and the fastenings can be zips, buttons, clasps or ribbons.

Wearing such garments will give you a taste of bygone eras, when women were allowed to be strong yet feminine, and this was reflected in their underwear. Who would not relish the chance to indulge in a little fantasy about being a Wild West woman during the Gold Rush era, by putting on an exquisite brocade corset in shades of light golden brown, with darker ruffles at the bust and waist, fashioned with sturdy boning and strong rivets to make you feel comfortably contained and delectably curvy.Gold-Rush-Corset

Or maybe your fancy would be for the ultra-elegant aristocratic style as seen in Brass Princess, a gorgeous russet brown bustier with a classic heart-shaped neckline, beautiful decorative frontal clasps in filigree-patterned brass and strong back lacing. Alternatively, a brown corset belt worn below the bosom will cinch your waist and give you great posture.

Another option could be a fabulous brown and gold corset with three strategic zips in front and lacing at the back. This is equally beautiful when seen from any angle: the front cups and side panels feature a light brown and gold brocade, with the torso in darker shades of brown, while the back is a riot of gold curlicues over the light brown fabric held together by dark brown lacing. Perfect for the rock-chick look.

If your inclination is more Gothic, you might prefer a tailcoat style with straps, buckles, chains, lacing and a touch of feminine lace atop a striped light and dark brown body.

Finally, if you wish to whip up a perfect storm, the complete Steampunk corset comes with the addition of a detachable brown belt and jacket, encasing the body in a mixture of light brown leather and dark brown brocade with zipper and metal trimmings that will really make an impact.

It is possible to try out one of these exquisite fashion garments by obtaining a costume corset, lighter in structure and less expensive, but for real corset aficionados a heavy-duty authentic model is a must-have. All corsetry at The Violet Vixen usually comes made to order, in a wide range of sizes to highlight the vixen inside not matter the outside.